At Runout Industries we specialize in titanium, steel & stainless steel bicycle frames.  Why only these materials? Our philosophy behind bicycle frames is they should be fast, light, durable and comfortable.

Our material choices reflect these qualities like none other. They offer infinite variation in geometry & ride characteristics across all cycling disciplines. Titanium & steel are readily repairable, durable & will last long after the other frames land in the scrap yard.

Keep reading below on the individual qualities of each of our material choices & why Runout Industries stands behind them. Then ask yourself  "Why wouldn't I as well? "


Long hailed as a magical material deemed souly for the aerospace industry, titanium has infiltrated almost all aspects of industrial & product design. From turbine blades to chopsticks, today it can be found in any number of products. For the bicycle industry, titanium offers an unparalled choice in frame materias for a variety of reasons. titanium yields phenomenal fatigue strength; this translates to an infinite frame life. Titanium will never corrode and its strength-to-weight ratio is outstanding. When welded, the joints maintain over 90% integrity of the parent metal original strength. Despite all the technical reasons, titanium holds something different for us, even inexplicable. Regardless of the reasons, a titanium frame from Runout Industries will yield a frame as stiff or supple as desired. Forever

Runout Industries uses only the finest 3Al - 2.5V North American titanium straight gauge tubing for its frames. For those customers who want a lighter frame with no sacrifice to strength or longevity, we also offer the Reynolds 953 series of butted titanium tubesets. All bottom brackets, cable stops and dropouts are machined from 6Al - 4V titanium alloy by Paragon Machine Works in California.


 Steel. Strength, longevity, durability. Steel has stood the test of time & will remain a primary material for bicycle frame construction. Like titanium, steel and now stainless steel offer longevity, fatigue life, low weight and phenomenal ride charachteristics.

In the movie Conan the Barbarian, The Riddle of Steel is often mentioned. With over 100 years of research & development behind it, there is no longer a riddle to steel. Runout Industries uses the best steel tube sets from Columbus and Reynolds. Their fine-grained heat treated alloys & short-butted high wall differential tubes for TIG welding offer optimum strength and an unparalleled ride quality.

For those customers who demand even that much more, Runout Industries offers frames constructed from the new Columbus XCr stainless steel tubing. Thanks to the high stiffness/weight and UTS/weight ratios (better than titanium and aluminium alloys) together with the elevated characteristics of corrosion resistance, it is possible to manufacture extremely light (sub 3lbs.) and indestructible frames.

Whatever your choice in frame materials, let Runout Industries bring your cycling to a new level of performance and enjoyment. Along with your frame, you have the choice of one of (6) standard paint & etched (titanium only) finishes, courtesy of Spectrum Powder Works. Being custom, if none of these finishes match the desires of your inner cycling beast you have the option to go absolutely unique with a custom finish. Runout Industries also offers (at no additional cost) your frame personalized with your name, team name or logo on the top tube of your custom frame.